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St James Academy

We belong, we believe, we flourish.


We help others to succeed.


We are honest and fair.

Perseverance and Courage

We embrace challenge.


We are kind, polite and forgiving.

Friendship and Respect

We listen to each other.


We respect ourselves, each other and our school.

Courses for Parents/Carers

Courses, Workshops and Coffee Mornings


Courses, Workshops and Coffee Mornings are run at Southbroom St James Academy throughout the year by the Parent Support Advisor and Pastoral Lead. These events are open to all parents and carers.


Occasionally parents and carers may get a personal invite to attend one of these events.


The following events are run at Southbroom St James Academy by the Parent Support Advisor and Pastoral Lead:


Triple P- Positive parenting course

This is a five week course, held with a maximum of 20 attendees. A coffee morning is held a few weeks after the course finishes, to evaluate challenges and successes.

Care for the family, time out for parents course

A seven week course, aimed at parents and carers of children with, or being assessed for SEND.


Coffee Mornings (Not Triple P related)

1-2 hours long, normally held at St Bartholomew’s Primary Academy. The coffee morning can be topic related .


All courses, workshops and coffee mornings are advertised throughout the school and in the schools newsletter.  If you wish to attend an event or find out more information, please contact Mrs Sara Male on 01380 723232.