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St James Academy

We belong, we believe, we flourish.


We help others to succeed.


We are honest and fair.

Perseverance and Courage

We embrace challenge.


We are kind, polite and forgiving.

Friendship and Respect

We listen to each other.


We respect ourselves, each other and our school.

Meet The Team


Gareth Bailey


Deputy Head

Bethany Maidment (Maternity Leave)

Michelle Vincent (Maternity Cover)


Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENDco)

Bethany Maidment (Maternity Leave)

Michelle Vincent (Maternity Cover)


Admin Staff

Karen Williamson – Admin Officer

Caroline Snow – Clerical Assistant

Jacquie Pocklington – Finance Officer



Steve Tibbert – Neil Armstrong Class (Year 3)

Sam Marchant & Elizabeth Hunter – Mary Seacole Class (Year 3)

Frankie Harris & Megan Painter – Charles Dickens Class (Year 4)

Jessica Knapp – Beatrix Potter Class (Year 4)

Bhavna Turnell – Isambard Kingdom Brunel Class (Year 5)

Liz Proud & Michelle Vincent – William Shakespeare Class (Year 5)

Becky Starling – Winston Churchill Class (Year 6)

Scott Browne – Nelson Mandela Class (Year 6)


Pastoral Team

Samantha Vallis (Pastoral Support)

Sara Male (Parent Support Advisor)


Teaching Assistants

Karen Gibbs

Clare Coleman

Pauline Davies

Heidi Boother

Kerry Thornhill

Sarah Revening

Alana Burgess

Anita Roberts

Kara Sawyer (HLTA)



Simon Smith


Catering Staff

Tracey Stevens

Jennifer Wilshire


MDSAs  (Midday Supervisory Assistants)

Heidi Boother

Karen Gibbs

Kerry Thornhill

Kimberly Forrester

Tara Hughes

Naomi Rowlett


Breakfast Club Leaders

Delia Willcocks

Tracey Stevens



Delia Wilcocks

Tracey Stevens

Jennifer Wilshire