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Parent Support Advisor

Parent Support Advisor

The Parent Support Advisor at Southbroom St James Academy, works with parents and carers to find appropriate solutions, to ensure a safe and happy environment where children thrive and learn.


Mrs Sara Male is the Southbroom St James Academy's Parent Support Advisor and has worked at Southbroom St James Academy for a number of years.


What does our Parent Support Advisor do?

The Parent Support Advisor, can offer parents and carers advice and support in a confidential and impartial manner. This can help to get the best outcomes for their child at home, at school and in the community.


Parenting can be difficult at times and there is no rule book, working with the Parent Support Advisor can help parents and carers find answers to their parenting questions.


How does our Parent Support Adviser do this?

One to one support

Listening to parents/carers and giving confidential support and guidance

Providing information and signposting to other relevant services

Support with your childs attendance

Community concerns

Behaviour advice

Signposting to The Triple P parenting programme. Care in the Family programme, Anxiety and Resilience Workshops 


Why might you need to use our Parent Support Advisor?

My child is having difficulties settling into school…My child is anxious about school…My child’s behaviour is getting out of hand…I have got lots of questions about being a parent…I am worried about my child going to secondary school…I just need someone I can talk to…I’m really worried about my son/daughter’s self-esteem…I would like to know who else I can talk to about my situation….I need housing support…..I have no money for food


How do I contact the Parent Support Advisor?

Mrs Male can be contacted on 01380 723232 or through the school office email