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St James Academy

We belong, we believe, we flourish.


We help others to succeed.


We are honest and fair.

Perseverance and Courage

We embrace challenge.


We are kind, polite and forgiving.

Friendship and Respect

We listen to each other.


We respect ourselves, each other and our school.

Christian Distinctiveness

Vision Statement

‘We belong, we believe, we flourish’

Spirituality Statement

At Southbroom St James Academy our shared understanding of spirituality is:


Spirituality is about the Big Questions
Spirituality is about Exploring
Spirituality is about Perceptions
Spirituality is about Reflection


By becoming more spirituality aware children and adults will grow which helps them to realise our vision that 'We belong, we believe, we flourish'. The aspiration behind all of this is to: 'Create a life that feels good on the inside not just one that looks good on the outside'


As children grow in their understanding of spirituality and values are embedded they become secure enough to make mistakes and therefore move on with their spiritual learning and academic growth.


Christian Values

Our Christian values are based on how God created each one of us to follow in his footsteps. As a school we believe that everyone is amazing, loved, valued, wonderful and unique, because God made us that way. 


In our discussions, worships and celebrations we focus on the values of: Friendship, Trust, Perseverance, Forgiveness, Courage, Respect. We believe that compassion runs through all values and is central to our work with children.


We teach these values explicitly through our daily collective worship, using the publication ‘Roots and Fruits’ as a starting point. This is supplemented by other resources linking to the liturgical year as appropriate. Worship is then extended into the classroom and into daily life in and outside school. Parents receive a newsletter each term giving further details of the focus value for that term and certificates are given out in our Family Worship every Friday morning to celebrate achievements linked to each value. We also have regular visits from the Church at attend Church services for significant events throughout the year.

Harvest Festival 2018

Remembrance Worship 2018

Christingle 50 Years Service - Salisbury Cathedral

Christingle Service 2018

Christingle Service 2018

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