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We are kind, polite and forgiving.

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Year 6

Information regarding returning to school

Are you ready to get silly?


The Summer Reading Challenge 2020 will be a celebration of funny books, happiness and laughter. You get to join the Silly Squad, a crew of fun-loving animals who enjoy exploring lots of different types of funny books.


The challenge lasts until the middle of September. Try to complete as many of the challenges and activities and earn badges so we can celebrate your achievements when we return to school in September. Head over to to sign up to the challenge - let your teacher know when you have joined!

Work for the Current Year 6

During our final 3 days of home learning, the current Year 6 will continue to focus on the transition from primary to secondary school. As before, we will use transition projects devised by The Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust plus there will be a daily English, Maths and Science activity to complete.

Transition Activities W/C 20.07.20

This is our last day of home learning. We would like to thank you all for engaging so enthusiastically with the tasks and wish you a very enjoyable and relaxing summer. 

Mrs Proud, Miss Maidment and Mr Browne

Year 6 - Week 12 - Lesson 3 - Read and interpret pie charts

Year 6 - Week 12 - Lesson 2 - Circles

Year 6 - Week 12 - Lesson 1 - Draw nets of 3D shapes