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We are honest and fair.

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Potter - Year 4

Welcome to Potter Class Year 4


Hope you are all enjoying your time in Potter Class!


Mrs Marchant will be teaching on a Monday and Tuesday, Mrs Hunter will be teaching on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 


PE will be on a Tuesday and Thursday this term. Please make sure that kit is in for those days. We will be going outside as much as possible so warm clothes would be appreciated.


Every day we will be checking the children's home school books to keep track of how much they are reading at home. We would encourage the children to read at home, to an adult, at least 3 times a week.


We are enjoying working with you all!


Mrs Marchant, Mrs Hunter and Mrs Williams

Term 3!


Happy New Year! 


Our first topic of the year will be "How Humans Work." We will be looking at our teeth, what they look like, what their role is and how to care for them. Then we will move onto digestion and look at how our food moves through the body, especially which organs are important to the process. At the end of term we plan to take the children to "We are curious" (was known as @Bristol) to learn more about this.


In English, we will be looking at Charlie and the chocolate factory, we will design our own chocolate and be writing our own version of the story.


In Maths, we are learning about negative numbers, solving tricky problems with all 4 of the operations, measuring with money, length, weight and capacity. Then we will be looking at time again- lots of children have been proudly showing off the watches they were given for Christmas so hopefully they will enjoy showing us their time knowledge!


We will also be looking at shopping in french, being healthy in PSHE, more computing skills and inspirational people in RE.

Term 2


Welcome to term 2!


Our topic for this term is Crime and Punishment. We will be learning how crime and punishment in Britain has changed over the last 100 years, the history of our police force and finding out about our judicial system. This will link with learning about our British Values.


In English, we will be learning about play scripts and seeing it come to life in Aladdin when we visit the theatre later in the term.


Our maths focus will be multiplication and division. We will be using clear methods to calculate.


Year 4 will be investigating electricity in Science this term, identifying how it is used and how to be safe with electricity. This will include building circuits using electrical components and finding out about conductive materials.


Our PE focus will be on dance and invasion games, and will continue to be on a Monday and Thursday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing for PE as we will be learning outside.


We will be preparing for our school Christmas production in our music lessons and practising our singing skills, as well as developing our recorder playing every week.

Mrs Hunter’s Lego Club.


Look at the amazing things the children have created in LEGO Club!

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