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St James Academy

We belong, we believe, we flourish.


We help others to succeed.


We are honest and fair.

Perseverance and Courage

We embrace challenge.


We are kind, polite and forgiving.

Friendship and Respect

We listen to each other.


We respect ourselves, each other and our school.

Spread the word!

It is great to hear so many of you saying how the reputation of our school is changing and that it is known throughout town that we are on the up! We are very proud of all that we are achieving here, we have a long way to go but are aiming high and working hard for the best possible outcomes for your children! 

I now need to ask you to spread the word about what we are doing here! A way that you can do this which will make a real difference is by logging on to ParentView. This Ofsted website is used by inspectors prior to an inspection. Currently we have less than 5 views on there and I know that there is a lot more of you than that who have got some great things to say about our school! Please visit to have your voice heard! You do need to create a login using an email address but you are not contacted by Ofsted or by us! Thanks