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W/C 9th October 2017

W/C 9th October 2017


This week in English, we started off by looking at homophones. Armstrong class remembered lots of homophones from their learning in year 2 which was great as we were able to develop our learning and work on some more tricky one and use them in our writing. We then moved on to looking at the story 'Ug'. We used Ug to help us compare the Stone Age to life in 2017 using conjunctions. Armstrong class then received a letter from Ug who told the children lots of different things he did in the Stone Age like eating dead animals for breakfast and drawing on the cave walls and the children replied to Ug telling him all about their lives in 2017 using great conjunctions to compare. 


In maths, we developed our skills on measuring using a ruler and used this skill to find the perimeter of 2D shapes. We all had to remember to make sure that we measure from zero on our rulers but the children loved the challenge of adding lots of numbers together depending on how many sides the shape had.


During our Topic lessons, we continued to look at food in the Stone Age and if the food would be hunted or gathered. The children really enjoyed looking at all the different things they would have eaten in the Stone Age and thinking about if they would have had to hunt for it or not. 


For science, we looked at soil. The children went out using the magnifying glasses to see what they could see in the soil in the playground and flower beds. We then took this knowledge back to the classroom and looked at how soil is created, the layers soil has and the different types of soils you can get. 


In RE, we came to the end of our topic of Diwali and we brought all our learning together to think about how Hindus have a sense of belonging during Diwali and when and where we might have a sense of belonging. 


We also had great fun making harvest stain glass windows this week ready for harvest festival. The children found it tricky doing the middle of their stain glass windows but they all persevered and the finished art is wonderful. See below to see pictures of our harvest stain glass windows.