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W/C 9th October 2017

W. c 9th October 2017

This week our year 6 children have been doing some assessments.  Let's face it- no-one 'really' likes a test, but I am so pleased with them all, as they have demonstrated such mature and sensible learning behaviour. Well done year 6 - you've been excellent role models for our year 5s!

Now, on to more exciting news...please take a look at this week's photos as we've been privileged to be able to examine some 'actual' World War 1 artefacts. We have been looking at the possessions of a German soldier which were recently excavated from a Somme battlefield trench.  Max brought them in to share with us and explained, very knowledgeably, what they all were and then answered everyone's questions- well done Max!

Daniel also brought in some fantastically detailed WW1 biplanes (including The Red Baron) which he has made with his father- photos to follow.

As the end of term 1 approaches... I would like to say a HUGE 'Well done' to all of Mandela class - you've worked incredibly hard this term and I'm very proud- of all of you!  Make sure you have a good rest over the holidays!