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W/C 5th February 2018

W/C 5th February 2018


This week in English we continued to look at 'How does a robot dog work' and the children continued to build up their explanation text by writing about different parts of the robot dog. We also looked at homophones this week and making sure we choose the correct ones in a sentence. The children's work from our previous unit has also been put on display (see pictures below), please feel free to come in and have a look at the children's wonderful stories. 


In Maths, we looked at angles and turns. We looked at what a right angle is and recognising them in shapes and objects around the classroom. We even went on a right angle hunt with our right angle monsters! We also developed our understanding of right angles by finding objects and shapes that were more than or less than a right angle. We then moved on to look at turns and recognising that a quarter turn was a right angle and 90 degrees and half a turn was two right angles and 180 degrees. The children made their own mazes in the classroom and moved objects and their friends through the maze using the correct language to help move them. 


In Science, we looked at muscles and how they help our bodies move. We did an experiment where we had to do a movement and predict what muscles would start to ache and then do the exercise to see if we were correct or not. The children really enjoyed doing an active experiment and finding out more about their bodies. 


For PE, we continued creating sequences in gymnastics. The children have really mastered the different shapes and jumps and how to create a sequence with them all. The children are really looking forward to being able to get more equipment out to make their sequences bigger and even more impressive!