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W/C 4th December 2017

W/C 4th December 2017


We have continued to look at Fungus the Bogeyman this week in English. We looked at non-chronological reports and planned and wrote our own report about Fungus the Bogeyman using headings and sub-headings. Come and look at our reports to find out more about Fungus the Bogeyman!


In Maths, we have been looking at measure this week. We started the week off by looking at grams and kilograms and using scales to weigh objects. We then looked at centimetres and metres. We measured the height of children in our groups to compare who is the tallest and converted between metres and centimetres. To finish the week we looked at capacity. We converted millilitres into litres and measured how much liquid different containers could hold.


For topic, we looked at timelines and what BC and AD means. We then put different events from the Stone Age into chronological order and placed them on our own timelines.


We have been practicing the Christmas play really hard this week with Seacole class and year 4 and we can not wait to perform to everybody next week!