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W/C 30th October 2017

W/C 30th October 2017


Welcome back after the half term! It has been lovely hearing what the children have been getting up to and seeing their extra learning they have been doing at home.


This week in English, we have been looking at poetry. We started the week off by looking at the poem 'Crackle! Spit!' and performing this in a group thinking about how we use our voices to engage the audience. We loved looking at how Michael Rosen performs his work. We then carried on looking at firework poems and created our own poems about fireworks based on 'Number Rhyme Poem' and 'If I Were a Firework...' The children really enjoyed thinking about how fireworks move, what adjectives would best describe this and using similes.


In Maths, we have focused on the 3 times table. We have looked at patterns and how other number facts can help us complete the 3 times tables. We then moved on to looking at word problems and proving if our answers were correct using resources, drawings and 'If I know... then I know...' statements. 


For topic, we looked at Skara Brae and how the discovery of this allowed us to find out more about life in the Stone Age. The children thought it was very interesting how small their door frames used to be!


We have also been thoroughly enjoying our reading for pleasure times and getting the chance to get comfy and read. As well, we took part in the 'big first aid lesson' and learnt how to be safe during fireworks, what to do if someone is choking and the important numbers we need to know incase of an emergency. 


See below pictures from our week!