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W/C 2nd October 2017

W/C 2nd October 2017


In English, we have been looking at instructions. We found out what the important features of instructions are and began using these to make our own instructions about 'How to make a cheese and ham sandwich.' By the end of the week we used all the features learnt to write instructions about 'How to trap a Stone Age animal.' The children really enjoyed coming up with different ways they could do this.


For maths we started to look at subtraction. We started off by subtracting 1-digit numbers from 2-digit numbers on a numberline and by the end of the week we were looking at subtracting 3-digit numbers from each other. 


During our Topic lessons, we looked at what food they would eat in the Stone Age. The children enjoyed looking at the different tools they made in the Stone Age to help with their hunting. 


For science we looked at the importance of Mary Anning and the significance she had to the discovery of fossils. This then led us to create our own fossils with plastercine, shells and plaster of paris. The children are very excited to see how their fossils turn out. 


In PE, we have continued to practice our throwing and catching skills and we have been working on improving our accuracy. 


See below pictures from our week!