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W/C 29th January 2018

W/C 29th January 2018


This week in English we started our new unit. It is 'How does a robot dog work' and the children will be building up skills to write their own explanation text. We looked at the structure of an explanation text and started to come up with titles and introduction for our explanation text.


In maths, we continued to look at fractions. We looked at equivalent fractions and what this means and how we can show them in different ways. We then moved on to looking at fraction of objects. One task we had was having a variety of coloured cubes and saying what fraction of amount we had of each colour. 


For topic, we continued looking at deserts. We did an extended piece of writing using our great english skills to describe what a desert is like but also to include our geography skills to say where in the world a desert is and how they tend to be near the equator. The children really enjoyed linking their topic work with descriptive writing and the outcome was brilliant.