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W/C 26th March 2018

W/C 26th March 2018


In English we finished our unit on Flood. The children planned their own disaster story and then used all the different skills we looked at during the unit to write their own disaster story based on Flood. The children then practised their editing skills to edit and evaluate their own work.


For Maths, we continued to look at time. We looked at quarter past and quarter to, telling the time in 5 minute intervals and some children challenged themselves to tell the time to the closest minute. Time can be very tricky but everyone in Armstrong class really persevered this week.


In Science, we continued to look at plants. We have been measuring our beans growing in different elements every week and this week we focused on what are the best things plants need to grow and if our plants had grown at all and recording our final findings.


In PE, the children have really enjoyed using all the different apparatus and they have created some brilliant sequences. One skill we focused on was turns and doing forward rolls. It was brilliant to see the children being brave and trying their best to achieve doing a forward roll safely.