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W/C 26th February 2018

W/C 26th February 2018


For English this week we finished our unit on explanation texts. The children used their creation of a robot to write an explanation text on how their robot works and how it will help make life easier at home. The children then edited and evaluated their work using stickers that correspond to a skill they have used.


In Maths, we looked at addition. We started the week off by looking at expanded column addition which they remembered really well. This led us to move onto the formal written method of column addition. The children really liked this method and even challenged themselves where they had to exchange in the ones, tens and hundreds. We also continued to develop our reasoning skills to answer right or wrong questions to explain, if wrong, why the method was wrong for example. 


For Science, we looked at plants and what plants need to grow and thrive. We set up an experiment where we were looking at what effect water, light, space and soil have on plants growing. For example, when looking at light, we put one pot in a cupboard and one pot on the window seal. The children also developed their research skills by researching facts and plants in books and on the internet.


The children had a really exciting PE lesson this week as for gymnastics we got out the wall bars and more apparatus. It was brilliant to see the children challenge themselves to see how far they could climb on the wall bars or move across the benches that were at different angles. I cannot wait to see how the children incorporate the new apparatus into their gymnastic sequences.


We also got to celebrate World Book Day this week. It was wonderful to see all the different characters the children came as and listening to them discuss their favourite books and why.


To top the week off it also snowed! The children were very excited this week to see if it would eventually snow and luckily for them it did, and we had a snow day on Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful time in the snow and stayed safe and warm.


Please see pictures below of our exciting week.