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W/C 20th November 2017

W/C 20th November 2017


We have had a very exciting week in Armstrong class this week!


In English, we have been looking at Fungus the Bogeyman to inspire us with punctuating speech correctly and writing setting descriptions. We also looked at when we use 'a' or 'an' in a sentence and we found out the words beginning with H can be tricky!


In Maths, we have been looking at addition. We first started by looking at partitioning numbers, really focusing on what is the hundreds, tens and ones. By the end of the week we have progressed onto expanded column addition which the children have been enjoying especially when the ones go over 10 or the tens go over 100.



For topic, we looked at Stonehenge and why people think it was built. The children took part in a little class debut to try and persuade each other why Stonehenge was built using different character reasons they were given. This really got the children thinking and they still are deciding what could be the reason why Stonehenge was built. 


We also had a brilliant time at Devizes Museum experiencing a Stone Age workshop. The children got to look at different artefacts from the Stone Age and see how they developed through the ages. They then got to go on a hunt through the Museum looking for artefacts to answer questions and stamp their booklet. After lunch, the children got to make pots from clay just like they would have back in the stone age and used their hands and shells to press patterns into the clay. Finally, the children got to make jewellery just like they would have done in the Stone Age. Armstrong class had an amazing first school trip and if you would like to see some pictures from our day look at the bottom of this page.


To finish the week off the whole of the school got to experience a fantastic assembly about internet safety by Google. The assembly was very interactive for the children and they all had foam fingers to use throughout the assembly. By the end all of us were 'Internet Legends' and know the four main things to think about when online - Think, Protect, Check, Respect. To find out more ask your children and look on Google's website 

As well look at for articles in the local paper as local MP Claire Perry also attended the assembly!