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W/C 19th March 2018

W/C 19th March 2018


In English we have continued to look at Flood and writing a disaster story. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the illustrations of the book and using different skills to tell a disaster story.


For Maths, we have been looking at time. We have looked at how many days are in a year and how many seconds are in a minute etc. We even learnt a little poem to help us remember how many days are in each month!


In Science, we continued to look at plants. We set up an experiment to see how plants drink water and if the flowers and celery would change colour if we put food colouring in the water. The children are very excited to find out if the experiment works or not.


Year 3 had a very exciting trip this week too. We went to Longleat! The children had an amazing time looking at the different animals around the park and they had a great educational talk with some keepers. The children got to find out about different animals that live in the rainforest to link with our topic of Extreme Survival. The wonderful keepers even got out all the different animals for the children to hold, stroke and look at. The armadillo was definitely Armstrong's class favourite animal they saw during their workshop.


See below some pictures from our week.