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W/c 18th September

What a super week for Seacole class! We have been trying to begin our sentences in different ways and we had a go at using adverbs of time in our writing/ We then used these to help us write a diary about a typical day in the Stone Age. 


In Maths, we continued to look at place value for 3-digit numbers and comparing them. We then looked at different ways to partition 3-digit numbers and answered word problems using our place value knowledge.


During our Topic lessons,  we looked at different Stone Age tools. We studied different artefacts and put on our archaeologist hats to look at the clues to decide what the artefacts could have been used for! 


For science we looked at sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks and how we can identify them. We conducted an experiment on the permeability of rocks by dropping water on to different rocks using pipettes. The children were very good at explaining what they noticed they made conclusions by studying their results.


In PE we continued to develop and improve our catching and throwing skills by thinking about making a target with our hands for our partner to throw to.