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W/C 16th April 2018

W/C 16th April 2018


In English we started our new unit on fairytales. This unit is based on the story 'The Real Story of the Three Little Pigs'. The children really love this story and are very excited to use this to help them with their writing.


In maths we looked at measurement this week. At the start of the week we looked at adding and subtracting measurements. We then recapped finding the perimeter of 2D shapes and we ended the week by look at time word problems. The children really love a challenge so they loved using their reasoning skills to answer the time problems.


In Science, we continued to look at plants. This week we looked at pollination and fertilisation. The children were very surprised about all the different names for parts of a flower and found it very interesting the process of pollination. 


Our new theme for RE is 'How do people's beliefs about God, the world and others influence their lives.' We started it off by looking at what 'God' is to different religions - Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, and if the religions have any similarities or differences.