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W/c 11th September

This week has been an exciting week as we have dived into our new topic, Meet the Flintstones.


In English, we started looking at the story 'Stone Age Boy'. We have been using inverted commas to punctuate speech and adjectives to describe. We then used these to help us plan and retell the story.

In Maths, we have worked hard on place value, with a particular focus on recognising hundreds, tens, ones and ordering and comparing numbers using < and >. 


During our Topic lessons,  we started looking at who the first people in Britain were and what we would like to find out about them. We also looked at cave paintings and what the images could mean. We then created our own cave paintings in groups and individually.


Our Science topic this term is 'rocks and fossils' and this week we looked at different types of rocks.


This term in RE we are looking at the Hindu festival Diwali and this week we started to look at the meaning of Diwali and some important traditions they do before and during Diwali.