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WB 11.09.17

This week has been an exciting week as we have dived into our new topic, The Great War.


In English, we have now started reading War Horse. We've been developing our reading comprehension skills by having to answer questions, in detail, about the text. This shows that not only can we enjoy the story but we can understand the deeper meanings as well and explain them.


In Maths, we have worked hard on place value, with a particular focus on reading, writing, ordering and comparing both positive and negative numbers. We have been using negative numbers in the context of temperature and solving problems within this.


During our Topic lessons,  we learnt all about what the main causes of The Great War were. We identified where the main countries were on a map (these made up the Triple Alliance and the Central Powers), and placed the events in the run-up to the war on a timeline. We really enjoyed the video clips that taught us about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and, if you would like to watch them, the link is in the Topic Websites.


Our Science topic this term is 'Living things and their habitats - Life Cycles', and this week we learnt all about the names of different parts of a flower and how flowering plants can sexually reproduce.


One afternoon this week we also had our French lesson in which we were learning how to say and write the names of different colours in French. 

Star of the Week

Susannah was our Star of the Week this week for Brunel Class. She has been working exceptionally hard since coming back to school and produced some fantastic pieces of work. In particular, Susannah wrote a story from the perspective of a pollen grain in Science, describing the process of pollination and fertilization within the sexual reproduction of flowering plants.