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Potter - Year 4

Welcome to the Spring term! We hope you all had a great Christmas holiday.

This term we are going to be learning about Anglo- Saxons, how they lived and where they settled. This will link to our class visit to Devizes Museum where we will explore Anglo Saxon artefacts and make our own Anglo Saxon coins.


Our topic in Science will be focused on sound- how it travels, pitch and volume. Then we will investigate materials to see which will provide the best insulation against sound.


In English, we will be learning how to develop our writing skills based around the book Bike Boy. We will look at sentence structure and vocabulary as well as using our imagination to make our writing as exciting as possible.


Our reading book this term will be Why the whales came by Michael Morpurgo which is sure to keep us on the edge of our seats as we learn about the adventures of Gracie and the mysterious Birdman!


In Maths, we are developing our multiplication and division skills further, learning more about equivalent fractions and solving problems involving analogue and digital time.


PE. will continue to be on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon so please remember to bring in PE kit. In PE we will be working on a range of team work challenges- these will involve searching round the school in pairs and groups for hidden clues!


Our RE learning this term is about Jewish Passover. We will think about food that is special to us and when we eat particular foods.

Welcome to Potter Class Year 4


Hope you all had a lovely summer and are looking forward to an exciting year in Potter Class!

Mrs Marchant will be teaching on a Monday and Tuesday, Mrs Hunter will be teaching on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Mrs Williams will be in every morning.


Our first topic this year is Ancient Greece. We will be researching how the Ancient Greeks lived, what their buildings looked like and exploring their Gods. We will be designing and creating our own clay pots based on Ancient Greek artefacts. There will also be an opportunity to dress up, make and try some Greek dishes at the end of the topic.


We will also be going on an exciting trip and in our English lessons will write recounts about the trip. Then after this we will look into play scripts and poetry linked to our topic of Ancient Greece.


In our maths learning this term we will start off by looking at multiplication and division. We will be applying our knowledge and understanding to some tricky problems.


Our PE days will be on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please have your kit in school on these days. We will be having PE both inside and outside, so please have appropriate clothing in school.


Every day we will be checking the children's home school books to keep track of how much they are reading at home. We would encourage the children to read at home, to an adult, at least 3 times a week.


We can't wait to work with you all!


Mrs Marchant, Mrs Hunter and Mrs Williams

Topic Overview
Weekly Learning

Super English work!


This week (13/11/17) we have been looking at different features of poetry. The children have learnt about similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia and personification.


The children have done so well that we wanted to share some examples with you!


Diana – “The leaves where singing while the tree was dancing happily in the nice breeze”

Joel – “The yellow leaves scoot off the trees” 

Brooke – “The goats were as fluffy as a kitten” 

Nicole -  “The summer sun is a hot desert”

Harry –  “The leaves shouted “Ouch”, when I stood on them”

Harvey –  “A few leaves were falling quickly and crying in pain”

Oliver – “The water was a deep as a skyscraper”

Rhiannon – “The dry sand were shells”

Eddie –  “The ice is a slow snail”

Corey – “The snow falls like a quiet mouse”

Kayla –  “Lots of the leaves got angry and the tree threw them in the bin”

Amina –  “The trees feel happy because they don’t want the leaves on them”

Liam – “The burning fire is as bright as the sky when the sun is shining”

Charlie –  “The river is clear glass”

Declan – “The pigs felt as rough as a tree” “

Jaydon –  “The river is as clear as glass” 

Destiny – “The goat was a soft as a duvet” 

Jacob – “The bright as the sun leaves fluttered down, meanwhile, the tree danced in the silent, cool breeze.”

Jodie – “All the leaves jump off the tree gracefully”

Matthew – “Snow is shiny glitter” 

Lewis “Ice is smooth glass” 

Ruby “The leaves sang as they fell on the dirty, muddy floor”

Week beginning 31st October


Welcome back!


We hope you all had a wonderful half term. It has been lovely hearing all about what has been happening, as the children wrote recounts about their holiday.


This week we have started to learn about different states of matter. To help our science learning we will be going to Warleigh Lodge Farm next week- don't forget your welly boots! You can wear home trousers but school t-shirt and jumper/cardigans.


Please try to read at home 3 times a week and as we are learning about multiplication and division practicing tables would be really helpful!





The journey through our digestive system

The journey through our digestive system 1
The journey through our digestive system 2

Week beginning 9th October 


The children have written some fantastic reports about the Greek Gods. Impressively they have used a huge range of sentence skills. Once we have edited and improved these they will be on the wall in the classroom to be admired.


Maths has been all about time. We have converted between days, weeks, months and years. The children have thought of their own questions- some of them are very tricky!


RE- we have looked at a range of Jewish artefacts and found out what they are used for.


Don't forget it's only a 2 day week next week- we hope you have a lovely half term.

Week beginning 2nd October

Potter class have now finished writing their own Ancient Greek myths and have started to learn about non chronological reports in English. We are hoping to share our reports with you by the end of this half term!

In Maths, we have been learning about decimals and will moving onto measuring time. Please encourage your children to be aware of how long they take to do certain tasks around the home e.g. getting dressed, cleaning their teeth. Also, it would be helpful if your children could have some knowledge of what time certain activities take place e.g. what time do they get up, eat their lunch, go to bed.

We have been learning the importance of motivation and its affect on performance in PE, as well as linking this to other areas of the curriculum.

RE has been focused on Judaism this term and the children have had the opportunity to look at and learn about some special Jewish artefacts.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support with the fantastic examples of homework that the children have brought into school. We will be encouraging the children to share their homework with their classmates in the coming 2 weeks.






Week beginning 18/9

We have had a fun week being very active. Mrs Lane, from Devizes School, came in to show us how to keep fit and healthy by encouraging us to exercise regularly. We had to practise our plank and skipping skills and we learnt how to pace ourselves when running.


Science was very messy this week. We learnt about the human digestive system and recreated the journey our food takes through our bodies using banana, crackers and a pair of tights!


In English, we have begun to plan our own myths after learning some Ancient Greek tales. We have described our own imaginative heroes, monsters and settings ready to write our own stories next week.


Maths has been focused on addition this week, and finding the most appropriate methods to use with larger numbers and different mental and written strategies.

Week beginning 11th September


This week we have been learning about the place value of 4 digit numbers. We worked together with Deines equipment to represent these numbers. We then compared and ordered the numbers using < and > signs.


English has involved learning about an Ancient Greek myth, Perseus and Medusa. We have looked at the features of myths and we will plan our own myths next week.


In Science, we investigated the function of our teeth and used clay to make models of our teeth. It was really tricky but a lot of fun.


Heather Lane, a PE teacher from Devizes School, came in to help us learn about fitness. We completed a circuit of different exercises and investigated the effect of exercise on our bodies. Even Mrs Marchant joined in!sad


Week beginning 4th September


Potter class have had a great start to the term this week learning about Beatrix Potter.


On Friday, we used our colour mixing skills to paint some Beatrix Potter characters. We have created a display full of facts about her and her famous books which is outside our classroom. It is in the year 4 learning zone, so please feel free to come and have a look!


During the mornings, we learnt the story about an ordinary boy whose life is transformed by an extraordinary teacher. This inspired us to write diary entries from the perspective of the main character.


We had fun in PE developing our ball skills and practising throwing with accuracy, as well as moving around the space with awareness of others around us.

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