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Churchill - Year 5/6

Welcome to Winston Churchill Class (Year 5/6)

Welcome back to a full on Summer term.  Year 6 are off to Plas Pencelli immediately, then have their SAT's to look forward to.  


This term our topic focus is 20th Century Britain.  We will be looking at how leisure time changed during the century, followed by finding out about the key decades from 1950's to 1990's. 

Our story focus will be 'The Railway Children' with all our reading and English work linking to this book.  Spellings will now be year group specific with the spellings being published on this page for the whole half term.  Year 5 spellings are already now available here (see below), should you have mislaid them.

In science we are focusing on the changes which occur during the life of a human, and investigating electricity.  Our music, PSHE and Modern languages will also focus on changes, linking with our science topic.  PE will focus on athletics and orienteering, with lessons taking place on Mondays and Fridays.  Please ensure your kit is in school on both these days.

Finally, both Year 5's and 6's are being invited to spend time at Devizes School during Term 6, look out for more details nearer the time.  We also have the end of year school production, sports day and loads of other fun events to look forward to.


Mr T & Mrs Corbin



Welcome back to Terms 3 and 4!


Our topic for Terms 3 & 4 is 'The Vikings'.  We will be discovering who the Vikings were, where they came from and the types of things Vikings enjoyed doing and the impact they have left on British society since they arrived.  


Our reading focus will be on 'Stormbreaker' by Anthony Horowitz, a thrilling book full of action and adventure.  A new set of termly spellings will appear in your Home/ School book, ready for you to prepare for the next Spelling Bee, just before Easter.  Can someone from Churchill become the Spelling Bee Champion this time?


In science we will be learning about habitats and forces, we will be doing work on e-safety in computing and in PE we will cover: swimming, hockey and volleyball.  Swimming will continue on Mondays, with PE lessons in school either being on a Monday (once swimming has finished) or on a Friday afternoon.  Please ensure you have the correct PE kit in school on both days.


Finally, we have our Class Assembly in January, so look out for the date and make sure you invite your parents to come and find out what you were learning last term.


Mr Tibbert and Ms Corbin




This term we will have PE on a Monday and Friday afternoon. You must make sure that you have all of your PE kit in school, including appropriate footwear. We will start swimming towards the end of Term 2, so look out for more details about this as the term progresses.


Termly Topic

Picture 1
Topic Overview
Weekly Learning

w/e 29 September

This week we held a European Day of Languages, to link with the national day of the same name.  We were very lucky to welcome someone from our selected country - Austria- into class on Friday morning.  Lara is currently studying at Devizes School whilst she spends five months in the UK.  She spoke to the class about the similarities and differences to life in our countries, answered lots of questions about Austria and kindly shared some sweets and a home made cake which was made from a traditional Austrian recipe.  We had selected Austria as it was one of the countries involved in World War 1, linking to our topic this term.


In English we continued to read War Horse, starting to see how life was different for horses once they moved to France.  We started to learn about using cohesive devices to link our ideas within and across paragraphs, which we then used in our own writing.  


In Maths, we focused on using standard written methods for adding and subtracting numbers.  We also looked at how to use known facts to help solve multiplication and division questions mentally.


In topic we investigated life in the trenches during the war.  We were lucky to have some World War 1 artefacts brought in by one of the class, which we looked at.  

w/e 22 September

What another busy week!  We have been learning to times and divide by 10, 100 & 1000 and converting between different units of metric measure in Maths. 

In English we have continued reading War Horse, with our SPAG focus being on relative clauses. 


In PE, we have been developing our skills in gymnastics, please see photos below.  We also developed our passing skills in rugby, now passing far more accurately, and at an appropriate speed. 


Our science focus on Life Processes and living things has continued with us looking at Asexual reproduction of plants.


In topic, we focused on the British Empire, looking at the countries which once were under the control of the Empire.

w/e 15th September


This week has been an exciting week as we have dived into our new topic, The Great War.


In English, we have now started reading War Horse. We've been developing our reading comprehension skills by having to answer questions, in detail, about the text. This shows that not only can we enjoy the story but we can understand the deeper meanings as well and explain them.


In Maths, we have worked hard on place value, with a particular focus on reading, writing, ordering and comparing both positive and negative numbers. We have been using negative numbers in the context of temperature and solving problems within this.


During our Topic lessons,  we learnt all about what the main causes of The Great War were. We identified where the main countries were on a map (these made up the Triple Alliance and the Central Powers), and placed the events in the run-up to the war on a timeline. We really enjoyed the video clips that taught us about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.


Our Science topic this term is 'Living things and their habitats - Life Cycles', and this week we learnt all about the names of different parts of a flower and how flowering plants can sexually reproduce.


One afternoon this week we also had our French lesson in which we were learning how to say and write the names of different colours in French. 

W/e 8 September 17

Wow, what a fabulous first week back!  Well done everyone for your great enthusiasm for learning all week.  This week we have focused all our English work around 'KrindleKrax' by Philip Ridley.  Work has included describing characters in the style of the book, creating more detailed setting descriptions and writing our own versions of the ending of the book.  In Maths we did a 'Topic a Day' week, covering place value, adding, subtracting, multiplying and some 3D shape (See photos below), this was a great way to recap basic formal skills for everyone.  

Our afternoons were spent researching and presenting information about Winston Churchill.  A photo of the class display is below, but do pop in to see the work on the wall outside our classroom if you get the chance.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16

TERM 6   w/c 12 June


This week we had visitors from the Ambulance service who let us explore and learn more about what is kept on an ambulance.  We even had the chance to test the siren!

In science we completed an experiment we planned last week, investigating which material is a good insulator by seeing which surface helped an ice cube melt the quickest.  Photos of both can be found below.

In maths we have recapped methods of multiplication and division and in English we looked at biographies, writing our own autobiography in the long write.

Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17

Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 1
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 2
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 3
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 4
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 5
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 6
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 7
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 8
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 9
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 10
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 11
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 12
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 13
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 14
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 15
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 16
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 17
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 18
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 19
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 20
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 21
Ambulance Visit and Science experiments w/c 12/6/17 22

w/c 22nd May


Where has Term 5 gone?!  To end this term we are looking at 2D and 3D shape in maths, and finding out how to convert between common imperial and metric measures.  We are working towards holding a full debate in English, using the skills we have been learning about discussion texts.  In our topic work we will focus on e-safety for our leisure time, particularly relating to gaming and social media.  We also have a visit from the local Police, to highlight the risks of talking to others both in real life and online; we also hope to get to look over a police vehicle.

w/c 15th May


This week Rowling will be learning about Discussion texts in English, where they will learn to create a balanced argument before holding a short debate.  In Maths we will welcome the Year 6's back from their SAT's streaming and learn about co-ordinates; translating and reflecting shapes across all four quadrants.  We will continue our science and find out about how to make and test an effective filter to clean water.  As part of our topic, we will be designing our very own leisure centres, which contain all the things we feel our import in our own leisure time.  In PE, we will begin to learn about jumping for distance, helping us with our long jumping.

We are also lucky to be having a try at Taekwondo, with a local club coming in to demonstrate and lead a session to introduce this activity to the whole school.

Taekwondo Visit

Taekwondo Visit 1
Taekwondo Visit 2
Taekwondo Visit 3
Taekwondo Visit 4
Taekwondo Visit 5
Taekwondo Visit 6
Taekwondo Visit 7
Taekwondo Visit 8
Taekwondo Visit 9
Taekwondo Visit 10
Taekwondo Visit 11
Taekwondo Visit 12
Taekwondo Visit 13
Taekwondo Visit 14
Taekwondo Visit 15

Termly Spellings

These are the spelling lists based on the age related expectations for Terms 1 and 2. We will be testing on these in the first two weeks of term, and then again at the end of Term 2. Anyone who scores 35 or over will be entered into a new and very exciting Spelling Bee Competition in front of the whole school!


Please practise these as much as possible at home alongside your weekly spellings.

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Austria food tasting day